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Our latest interview is with the team behind the z₳mbiez PFP project. Have a read and find out more about the project, why they changed from an initial 10k mint and what the future holds.

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Tell us a little about z₳mbiez, when did it get starter? What type of artwork?

z₳mbiez is a quirky PFP with a touch of dark humor. It’s vector art with emphasis on pop factor and my love for gradients.

Was the original plan to make it a 10k drop? Why did this change and do you think more projects would benefit from smaller drops?

Originally, we were going to do the famous 10k, but came to the decision to make it a limited edition collection. I didn’t want to be another new artist that bit more than they could chew and end up leaving the space. Smaller CNFT capsule collections are strategic because the community is adapting and learning about volume and valuation, bad apples and cash grabs.

In my opinion, It’s the best way to show that you’re here to stay, are willing to give a lot of work, and are not afraid to put the community first. Community drives a project’s value.

Where did the idea for z₳mbiez come from?

Cardano has changed my life for the better and I want to be part of its growth and community. CNFTs have given me that opportunity based on my love of art and collecting. Mixing that and my vision of how creative I can get with a zombie type character led to z₳mbiez. I had to pay homage to Cardano in name – ₳.

What makes this project unique?

Our rare holographic Ultras. Growing up and being a fan of Marvel comics and cards, I felt the joy of opening up a deck of cards and getting a limited holographic series. I wanted to recreate that collector’s thrill, so I came up with Ultras! I personally loved creating these.

Ultras cannot be run through a generator; they must be manually created.

What about the team behind the project? Tell us a bit about the team and what has lead you to start this project.

This team was assembled through the CNFT community and genuine love for the space. I was originally doing this alone. I kept showcasing my z₳mbiez character and created a following. I met the developer from Mini Ninja Heroes, who had his own mint, and I supported his project and enjoyed how smooth it was. We built a partnership where he handles the minting and developer portion of it.

Around the same time, I developed a friendship with CallmeNighth₳wke, who has recently joined as our Project Adviser, who can apply strategic vision and scale the project moving forward.

What is the long term vision for the project? Is there a roadmap at this stage or will you be building as you go?

Our current roadmap reflects our mints, which are released in seasons and episodes.

Season 1, for example, has two episodes – episode one was released around Halloween; episode two will be released Nov. 28. Our strategic vision for the project is releasing small capsule collections that will preserve the investment our community has made – and will make – from S1 and beyond.

We are releasing new announcements quite frequently specific to our roadmap. We are focused on releasing a successful S1 and will then elevate the project to S2, collaborations, z₳mbiez merchandise, and a battle game in partnership with Mini Ninja Heroes.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far with this project?

The biggest challenge I’ve experienced was not launching Discord immediately. The socials should go hand in hand. Discord is the project’s community foundation. The dialogue in our server has convinced me that it’s a necessary part of any CNFT project, in addition to Twitter. It’s a direct link to z₳mbiez members. You don’t want to play catch up before drop.

As project creators yourselves how do you feel about the recent “rug pulls” or project abandonments?

As a Cardano fanboy I know that rugpulls damage the reputation of the space and it’s pretty frustrating hearing first time investors having a bad experience. I genuinely hate it, as someone who is empathetic and fully invested into the ecosystem. Project abandonment at this point is becoming easier to predict. Artists are aiming high and losing persistence when a first mint doesn’t sell out on day one.

What advice would you give to a new artist/project just getting started?

I’m still learning everyday but I can’t emphasize team enough. If you showcase your work, build bridges, while being genuine and motivated, the right people will find you and are very willing to help.

Why did you choose to launch on Cardano?

I can’t emphasize enough that I’m a steadfast Cardano supporter. No other blockchain can compete. I am working to directly contribute to Cardano’s growth and be a positive influence on the space and community.

How do you see the CNFT space evolving over the next few months?

I still think we’re early in comparison to what Ethereum has undergone. I see smart contracts fully executed, and that, of course, will help flourish this space and bring an influx of bigger teams, bigger projects, and bigger bags.

What project would you ideally love to do a collaboration with?

I’ve grown to respect what Ugly Bros has accomplished and would love to make an Ultra Version Ugly.

Do you guys collect CNFT’s too? What’s your favourite? Can we see it?

I really enjoy Cardano Penguin’s project. Anything that has the Cardano name and/or ADA ₳ always catches my attention. I’ve recently added these to my collection.

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