Stag Alliance – Building in a bear market

Stag Alliance

We have been a little quiet lately, it’s the holiday season so we’ve been away relaxing in the sun!

We are back with a bang today though with an interview with a new Cardano project, Stag Alliance.

Read about the project from creator Ashley below and if you want to check out any of our other interviews you can find them here.

Tell us a little about Stag Alliance, what type of project is it?

Stag Alliance is an artwork and story focused NFT project. We want to capture the imagination of our audience and immerse them in our world.

We’re trying to do the basics to the highest standards and build our vision from there. Be sure to check out our website and listen to the audio lore to learn more about the story behind the project. This is just the beginning, the story continues…

Where did the idea for the project come from?

The founder, Ashley, has been part of the Cardano NFT community since August 2021. Having grown with the space, he wanted to contribute to the space in his own way.

Starting as a small passion project, it quickly built momentum following feedback from early focus groups, and so the Stag Alliance was born. The inspiration behind the theme came from an interest in history, British architecture and countryside, fantasy, fiction and RPG games such as Skyrim and the Witcher.

What makes this project unique?

We’re not doing anything outside of a classic NFT project (yet), but we are putting focus on unique artwork and original storytelling. This gives us a strong foundation to build upon and we have a lot of plans to grow the project long into the future.

What about the team behind the project? Tell us a bit about the team, what are your background(s) and what has lead you to start this project.

Most of the project is delivered by Ashley. He’s the illustrator, designer, website developer and looks after social channels. He’s had a background in art and design his whole life, and has a career as a design director for over 10 years now. Ashley had a burning desire to create something for himself rather than usual client based work and this project has really ignited his creative passion!

The rest of the team consists of Jimmi – a close friend, author and our lore writer. He’s also a project advisor fuelling plenty of ideas. We also have a strong team of mods from around the world to help communicate the brand and engage with the community. 

How are you finding building and launching a project in a bear market? Twitter/Discord is a lot quieter at the moment than it was months ago.

A bear market is a great time to be quietly building and readying for when things pick back up.

We’re not concerned too much about the current climate as we truly believe the future is strong for Cardano and web3 as a whole. Our Twitter community is fantastic, we love all of the support and kind comments we receive. It’s what makes it all worth while and pushes us to do better.

What got the team interested in Blockchain and NFT’s?

We find digital assets remarkable and infinite in possibilities. It’s exciting to be building with technologies in their infancy and watching them develop and grow. We see the bigger picture in how blockchain technologies can interact with our day-to-day life, from official documentation, insurance to supply chain and memberships.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far with this project?

Managing my time between my personal life and the project. I have to balance my commitments for a healthy lifestyle.

How do you see the NFT space evolving over the next few months?

We’re witnessing many projects growing slowly, focusing on quality and building organic followings without adopting a grind culture. We think this is a healthy choice both for the creators and community alike.

Do you guys collect NFT’s too? What’s your favourite?

Yes, we started off as collectors!

Ashley’s first NFT was a Politikoz – he minted two before they sold out. My favourite two projects are DRRS for their badass artwork and Moccosi for their upcoming pet game which looks incredibly fun! We still take part in mints and love talking with fellow creators.

The industry is full of interesting, talented people – it’s a joy to be here!

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