Small Artists and Drops

We quickly realised, and were messaged by many talented artists, that the drop calendar doesn’t fit everyone. Some smaller, independent, artists have projects that mint throughout the year as and when an NFT is ready.

The calendar is ideal for the larger drops or the project drops that are pretty much going to sell out in a day or two. We hope the setup below will help shine a light on some of the smaller artists who are putting out great work.

This will be a work in progress and we’ll be developing this side of the site as it grows.

Disclaimer: We will be looking into all the artists before listing them but please Do Your Own Research before buying an NFT from anyone. A listing on this page is not an endorsement.

If you are a small artist who would like to be listed below, get in touch and we can discuss what we’d need from you to get set up.

If you are looking for details of larger drops check out our CNFT calendar.

Shaw Foundation

Style: Photography, Hand Drawings

CNFT hand drawn art and photography for charities that help in the development of the child’s mind

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Style: Collectible NFT

Bear Your Soul

A collection of cute and cuddly teddy bears exploring human nature. Our first season is Angelic and Devilish and is now minting.

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SoulplayClay NFT’s

Style: Fine Art Limited Batches

Mixed media CNFT’s using images of my original figure sculptures enhanced with mythical digitally painted backgrounds. Our intro launch includes 10 images with only 20 minted of each. 1/1’s coming soon!

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Style: Digital, Fine art

Art of J Winter

CNFT creator of 1/1 digital paintings and artworks, formerly kaleidoartCNFT, changed my handle to WayOfJ_CNFT to focus on creating 1/1 artworks. Existing collection: Colors of the World, consists of 30 unique kaleidoscopes each having its own animation.

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