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Our latest interview is another of our follow up interviews with an existing Cardano NFT project. We interviewed The Mandrillz earlier this year, before their first drop. You can find the initial interview here.

We caught up with Rob, one of the project team, to find out what’s been happening since and what is on the horizon for The Mandrillz.

If you want to know more you can follow The Mandrillz on Twitter.

Why don’t you give us an update on what has been happening with The Mandrillz since the initial drop?

So much has happened since selling out on Feb 25th. We have an amazing and loyal community.

We have airdropped Drillz Bar NFTs and our iconic seasonal Mandrillz skull NFT to some lucky holders. We have been doing Happy Hours and party with everyone on the virtual Dance Floor.

There is so much going on despite the bear market – We just keep on building and evolving.

Litepaper, Whitepaper, Partnerships, hundreds of Meetings with the team and other projects. Calls, Planning with Mods and so on. Our team has become bigger as well. We are now 6 people working on the upcoming Companion drop.

Did anyone say Bear market? We have no idea – on the stress level everything is the same ๐Ÿ˜€

How would you explain The Mandrillz to someone new to NFTs, with no prior knowledge of the project?

Formerly a community based PFP project that sold out under an hour. We had such a great community so it is our responsibility to not stop and try to insert utility to our NFT.

Our artwork is one of the best on Cardano and branding-wise there are so many possibilities for investors. They own the IP and can basically make a lot of money with their NFT. It is up to them what they do with it obviously.

I think I speak for every project founder out there when I say we are still very early.

Everyone is trying to provide the best utility possible.

The Horde loves it and so do we. It is challenging yes but The Mandrillz is our baby. One day we will be a big brand within the Cardano space and Beyond. No doubt about that.

Tell us more about the Companion drop. What is it? How does it work? Do you need to be a Drillz holder to mint a Companion?

Sure – Those who remember. Our 1st drop had about 2k WL that people could grind for in our Horde Bar on Discord. It was crazy – 1300 messages per minute during our Happy Hour Parties.

People kept grinding for weeks just to place them on for a small ADA profit. We just weren’t expecting that- Who would spend so much time for so little reward right?

Anyway – this time we wanted to reward our most loyal holders. A Premium WL for anyone holding Mandrillz for so long. They deserve them most right?

So within our lore after the Meteor crashed, plenty of Splinters landed in the Drillz fur. Magical Splinters that is. There was a 5 ADA charge for transaction fee for these splinters but holders will get a 50 % discount in relation to the public mint price of 90 ADA.

If you don’t have one yet you can get them on right now. There are 3 types. Crust, Mantle & Core (Most rare) – If you own a core the chance to get a top 1k Companion is highest. But worry not – all Companions have skills in their Meta to help you build houses, low riders and more within Drillz city.

Owning both, Mandrillz and its companions is very beneficial also in terms of token distribution.

There will be less than 2,000 Companions for the Public.

What else is on the horizon for the project?

Too much to write it all here. You can get a more in depth picture on our roadmap and litepaper.

Most important though:

  • World Cup Drillz
  • Property airdrop for holders of Drillz & Companions which we will later reveal
  • Low Riders Collector’s Portal
  • a portfolio Dashboard for Holders (Premium) & Non Holders (basic) as well as integration of partners

How difficult have you found maintaining a project during a bear market?

Quite challenging in general. The pressure is always high, people get frustrated fast and don’t really understand what we are going through. Blake, founder of shared a nice Twitter thread about all this constant pressure. I do understand the investors view as I am one myself but I always make sure to keep a low profile or try to engage in a constructive way to help the team and, of course, my own investments.

I am not in a hurry for things to take off as I understand that building something of quality takes time. We are building on Web3, there will be errors and mistakes, but we will fix them and move forward towards progress and improvements.

As a project that has had a successful drop on Cardano and is now building for the future what advice could you give to new projects looking to launch?

Try to get everything sorted from a legal point of view. Expense management is complex and you don’t want to get in trouble – take care of compliance so you don’t jeopardize the entire project. Gather a team who has the same vision as you and understand what you are trying to build.

Also, communication between team and mods is important because they are managing the community – we are still improving in this area.

And, make sure to have developers on your team because those ain’t cheap either. Take weekends off to get your mind free but let everyone know otherwise you get in trouble ๐Ÿ˜€

What would you say was the biggest mistake you have made as a project so far?

Mainly not being prepared for the legal/tax situation. I mean not even our government has any terms published yet. Other than the Swiss there is no European state that has any answers to most questions. So what can you do. Create your LLC and don’t spend all your money unwisely or they will come and you are out of ADA (EURO).

We didn’t btw ๐Ÿ˜€

Flip side to the previous question, what was the best decision you made?

I would say creating a solid & supportive team of mods. Also talking to many other founders and exchanging views. We all support each other which is awesome and tbh the best thing we can do. Why not right – lets be open source and help those who might need some support.

We are all in the same boat right? We all want to be 24/7 in Cardano and help the Cardano community thrive!

Where do you see the NFT space heading in the next 12 months?

Difficult to say – there will be new innovations, some big brands coming out of this and more IRL (in real life) usability. Who knows right – I own over 200 different NFTs.

Imagine one of those forgotten & seemingly dead NFTs find Venture Capital or Angel Investors. Those NFTs will skyrocket from one day to the other. Most of the people are here for the money but I would love to see them here for the Community and upcoming IRL utility.

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