Our Ultimate Guide To Cardano NFTs

So you are new to NFTs on Cardano and you are not sure where to start or what tools to use?

Firstly, welcome to Cardano, we’re glad you are here and happy to see you are interested in the many NFT projects that are available.

Here is our Ultimate Guide to NFTs on Cardano.

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  5. Blue Chip Cardano NFTs
  6. Our Favourite Cardano NFTs
  7. Cardano NFTs with potential

Cardano Wallets

The first thing you are going to need is a Cardano wallet. Don’t keep your ADA on an exchange and definitely don’t try minting an NFT from an exchange.

Below are a list of wallets you could use.

I personally have used Yoroi, and still do for one of my wallets, but for NFTs I use Eternl as it now has a mobile DAPP connector that allows you to buy and sell on marketplaces from your phone.

If you have experiences with other blockchains then you will know what i’m about to say, if this is your first taste of crypto in general – Keep your seed phrase safe! Your seed phrase is the key to your wallet, if you lose it no-one can help you, if someone else gets hold of it they can empty your wallet. I personally write mine down and store them in multiple safe places that only I have access to.

Finally we can’t mention wallets without mentioning ADA Handle. ADA Handle lets you mint a custom NFT that sits in your wallet and gives you a personalised address to use (rather than the long addr1q8…… type address that you get).

Cardano Marketplaces

If you want to buy an NFT on the secondary market, the safest way to do so would be on a marketplace.

We have a page dedicated to CNFT Marketplaces here.

The early mover in the market was CNFT.io and they held a firm grip on trading volume for a long time. JPG.store have since taken over as the dominant marketplace in the space.

Buying on the marketplaces now is pretty simple, you just need to link your wallet up. Transactions are taken care of over smart contract so your NFT is automatically sent to your wallet once you make the purchase.

If you don’t want to go through a marketplace or someone approaches you with a potential deal/swap opportunity then be careful. One of the oldest scams in the book is the fake escrow scam. If someone wants to do a deal then I would 100% recommend doing so via Trading Tent, an app specifically designed to allow easy and safe swapping of NFTs. If you suggest that and the person refuses or tries to talk you out of it, that’s a big red flag.

Cardano NFT Sales Tools

So now you are interested and you have found a few projects that have grabbed your attention. Where do you find out more?

Firstly if you want to take a look at what projects are trending right now in terms of sales, a quick look at floor prices, a look at recent sales then you need to head over to Opencnft.io. Opencnft gives you a wealth of sales data so you can quickly see what projects are on the up, what projects have a healthy sales volume and what the current floor price is.

What about rarities?

Not all projects have rarities (officially) but the two main sites for checking a project’s rarity data are CNFT Tools and CNFT Jungle. Now, I believe the way they calculate rarities differs from each other so I find it’s always best to check both before making any decisions.

Cardano Minting Tools

What if you are looking to mint your own art or project on Cardano, where do you go?

One of the most used minting tools around is NFTMaker.io.

RetroNFTs, MermADA Mints and Secret Goat Society also offer a minting service. I believe Derp Birds are also starting to offer multi-sig minting as a solution for projects too.

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Bluechip Cardano NFTs

We hear “Bluechip” a lot in NFT’s. “This project is bluechip” or “this is the next bluechip” on Cardano.

But what does it actually mean?

A blue chip NFT is generally a well-known, established and stable NFT Project. It is generally considered to be a good long-term investment, not a quick flip as such. Blue chip NFTs are generally thought to be a safer investment than most newer projects as they have a proven track record.

All that said, it is still an opinion rather than a hard fact.

Here are a few Cardano NFT projects that I personally consider “bluechip”. Note, I don’t own all of these sadly, I will make it clear which ones I do just so you know.

None of the below should be considered as Financial Advice and you should always do your own research before buying an NFT.

Clay Nation

I do hold Clay Nation, i’ll make that clear from the outset.

For me Clay is one of, if not the best project on Cardano. They have consistently over-delivered and continue to build the project up for the good of the community and Cardano in general.

There are more ways to enter Clay than some of the other higher priced projects. You have the OG collection of course but you also have the Good Charlotte collab collection, the Clay Pitches, Clay Budz, ClayFellas and various Clay Extras which all give you exposure to the community and with the $CLAY token coming soon it’s an exciting time to be a holder.


Considered by many to be the OG project and a must have as part of any collection. I personally do not own a Spacebudz but I will say that it is one of my goals and I will consider it a massive achievement if I do manage to land one.

Spacebudz have been at the forefront of NFTs on Cardano pretty much since the start. The first 10k PFP project and the first project to offer their own smart contract marketplace. The recent development has been a dApp allowing Spacebudz holders the option to personalize their NFT.

Developed by @berry_ales, who also dropped the Berry NFT (probably another blue chip in it’s own right), Spacebudz for me is the holy grail NFT on Cardano.


DeadPXLZ is a miss, and one that still hurts. My finger hovered over the buy button at 100₳ way back and I made the decision not to push the button. Probably wasted that ADA on something that rugged…

At time of writing DeadPXLZ floor price is around 3600₳. Still hurts…

DeadPXLZ have certainly cemented their status as a blue chip on Cardano. They have their own marketplace, own token ($DING), staking mechanism to accrue $DING and it was the first interactive NFT on Cardano.

A cheaper way into the PXLZ community is the 3D derivative drop, metaPXLZ, I do believe you can stake your metaPXLZ for $DING also.

There is a Play2Earn game on the roadmap, the whitepaper is well worth a read and is very detailed.

Unsigned Algorithms

Unsigned Algorithms, or Unsigs for short, are one of the first projects that caught my eye when I got into Cardano NFTs back in September.

I am almost ashamed to admit that I still don’t own one, though they are very much on my wish list.

Unsigs are a very unique project, algorithmically generated art derived from code and mathematics. The code lives directly on the blockchain.

In terms of supply, Unsigs have a higher supply than most projects, 31k NFTs. The current floor price is a lot lower than it was when I first got into NFTs, making them pretty accessible right now.

Chilled Kongs

Chilled Kongs are another project, like DeadPXLZ, that haunt my dreams. I had planned on grabbing a few at mint, I expected the project to take a little while to sell out and woke up the next morning to a sold out project and a rising floor. Sadly, I thought the floor would drop giving me an opportunity to jump in, and instead it continued to climb.

In recent weeks the floor price of Chilled Kongs has climbed to over 2700ADA and they have had some massive sales.

I think despite some early fud around the art the Kongs have moved themselves into a blue chip position. Their new roadmap looks very interesting and hints at a metaverse, 3D Kongs and a Kong token. There is a mushroom drop coming soon for Kong mutation and magic Kongs on the horizon.

Honourable Mentions

I’ve listed 5 projects above that I personally consider to be Cardano blue chip NFTs. There are going to be some people who disagree and will have expected to see other projects listed. There are a few projects that are very strong, either in price, volume or community, but don’t quite hit the Blue Chip status for me, just yet. These would include The Ape Society, Goat Tribe and Yummi Universe. Some I own personally, some I don’t.

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Our Favourite NFT Projects

So what about our favourite NFT projects? Well some are listed above in the Blue Chip list but here are some more that I am very bullish on.

I would encourage you to look into these projects but please make sure you do your own research before buying.

The Mandrillz

The Mandrillz are a project I really like, I do hold Mandrillz NFTs.

The artwork is excellent, the community is vibrant and the team are constantly working to push the project forward.

The new roadmap was released recently and gave information on holder benefits such as a Drillz token, a companion drop, collaborations and a land sale.

We spoke to the team at The Mandrillz before their first drop, you can read it here.

I would certainly recommend dropping into the Discord and learning more about the project.

My favourite trait is the “Nirvana” t-shirt.

Bored Claude Parody Club

Bored Claude is one of my favourite projects and, in my opinion, one of the more unique projects on Cardano.

There are no bold promises of metaverses, token drops or games. Just great art from someone passionate about the project, sustainable fashion and the environment.

BCPC is a low supply project, only 500 Claudes will be released onto the blockchain and all of them are uniquely styled, primarily using clothing and props sourced from second-hand shops.

Cards on the table, I do own a few Claudes. I plan on owning a few more before all 500 have sold out. The community is great and Claude is one of the most active project owners around.

We interviewed Claude (Sam) prior to the first drop, read it here, and we should have a catch up interview coming soon. Here is the update interview.

Bored Claude Parody Club

Disco Solaris

Disco Solaris is a project I am very bullish on personally, sadly I have yet to pick one up, though they are very much on my list.

For some reason this project passed me by when it minted and, even after it minted I didn’t really take much notice of it. It wasn’t until just recently when I sat down and looked at the collection and then looked into the community that I suddenly realised what I had missed.

Artwork wise I think Disco Solaris is one of the most unique PFP projects on Cardano, or even on any blockchain. The use of colours is exceptional and the mix of characters and traits in the collection is excellent.

The project has a deep and rich lore and it is actively encouraging holders to help build the lore through fan art, fan stories and even larger scale projects like the Disco Brew Club.

There are few projects that seem to have engaged their collectors quite as well as Disco Solaris have managed and i’m personally excited to see how this one progresses.

Disco Solaris

Scribble Heads

Scribble Heads is the art of Zachary Mojica, check out our Q&A with the artist here.

In a similar vein to Bored Claude, this is an art project and promises nothing other than great art.

This is project I found quite late but still managed to get a couple and I find it very telling that there are so few available on the secondary market. People aren’t buying these to flip for profit. They are buying them to keep, to hold and because they like the art.

I’ve already printed one of mine off and it will be going up on the office wall.

I do believe S1 has just recently sold out so keep an eye on what Zac has got planned next.

Zac Mojica - Mr Brightside

The Refresh

The Refresh is a very unique project, living entirely on the chain.

Your NFT is never the same as it was the last time you looked at it. As the name would suggest, it changes (within the parameters of the code), every time it is refreshed.

You can pick up a Refresh from under 15ADA, at time of writing, which is dirt cheap.

It has quite a high supply, 10,000, but there are very few projects like this around. I believe one of the issues it has from a point of view of secondary sales is how it is displayed on secondary markets. For instance if you were to look on jpg.store at The Refresh, they all look identical with the placeholder image so it is difficult to visualise what you are buying which is obviously going to affect a buying decision.

I do hold a few Refresh NFTs, I personally look at them as unique NFTs with a historical significance on the chain. Will they ever be worth a fortune? Who knows, but that isn’t always the point.

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NFT Projects With Potential

This is a brief list of projects that I believe have decent potential to grow and maybe one day be looked at as a Blue Chip. This is not an exhaustive list of projects with potential, these are just a few that we think are worth checking out.

Some of these will be recently released projects others might have been around a while but are gradually building.

Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society

The Dead Rabbit Resurrection Society is showing a lot of potential.

The project sold out quick and has a very strong floor price at the moment.

The artwork is great, i’d put it up there with The Mandrillz in terms of art quality. The community seems to be very active and the team look like they are pushing to grow the project.

What is really interesting is the way in which they have engaged their community in real life through The Dead Event. Physical “Node Keys” were hidden in cities with GPS co-ordinates and clues released to the community. Community members raced to be the first to find the Node Key. This seems to have really engaged the community with the project and, no doubt, drawn more people in.

I like DRRS, I don’t hold any at the moment, and i’m very interested to see where the project goes.

OnBoard NFT

OnBoard is an interesting project. Two of the co-founders, Cardano Salad and CNFT Connoisseur, are prominent members of the NFT scene on Cardano. The 3rd member, and artist of the Furbles drop, is Joshua Squashua. Read our Q&A with the artist here.

The Furbles drop sold out quick and has built a lot of attention since the drop.

What interests me more than the Furbles drop though is the plans for the future. As the name would suggest, OnBoard NFT, will be actively looking to on board new artists to NFTs on Cardano. I am really looking forward to seeing what the team manage to achieve here and what kind of artists they manage to successfully on board.

It is going to be very interesting to see how this project progresses and what benefits Furble holders receive down the line.


ADA Ninjaz

ADA Ninjaz have been around almost since the beginning so it seems a little wrong to have them under a “Project with Potential” heading. That said, I don’t believe Ninjaz have received the sort of hype that a lot of, lesser deserving, projects picked up.

ADA Ninjaz have continuously delivered on their roadmap, have sold out multiple drops now and are actively building for the future of the project with merch, comic books, a P2E game and token coming.

Have a read of our interview with one of the founders, Zushan Hashmi for more info on the plans.

The great thing about ADA Ninjaz is they are a well established project with a very affordable entry point.

ADA Nijaz

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If you got this far, thank you for reading.

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