Meet Vudu Brigada

Vudu Brigada

First off, if you missed our previous interview with Sam of DeepVision AI give it a read here.

Today we chatted with Yasmine from Vudu Brigada. Vudu Brigada is a project that caught our attention due to the uniqueness of the artwork, it’s certainly a step away from the rather generic PFP projects that have flooded the market recently.

With what has been happening over the last few days/weeks with rug pulls and projects dropping in value like a stone after mint we felt that it was important to try and get to know the people behind a project, what their background is, what their plans are for the project and so on.

Have a read of the below and let us know what you think in the comments. As always, if this project piques your interest we fully recommend that you do some research into it on your own.

Tell us a little about Vudu Brigada, what type of artwork is it, what size drop?

Vudu Brigada is a collection of 10,000 collectible dollz. Our first drop, called White Magic, will be in the format of jpeg images. All of our dollz are digitally handmade in 3D. 

What makes this project unique?

Well, after doing a lot of research on the Cardano NFT space, we realized that the general aesthetic was quite redundant. So we thought, hey why don’t we try to make a collection, with our own aesthetic! People might love it because it’s not like anything on the market, or they might dislike it… At the end of the day, we are image-makers, and proceeded with creating something that represents our ethos: digital, cute, but also a bit grotesque. Since the Vuduz are all made digitally and can be animated, there are many possibilities of uses for the future. 

Vudu Brigada Dollz

What about the team behind the project? Tell us a bit about the Vudu Brigada team and what has lead you to this project.

Polarys collective is the company creating Vudu Brigada, based in Florence, Italy. Composed of Ruggero Lupo Mengoni, an Italian photographer, videographer and digital artist, and Yasmine Saliba, Lebanese fashion stylist and art director.

Ruggero is the Vudu Daddy: He takes care of all the production of our Vuduz. He’s a huge perfectionist, and has been working in the fashion industry as a professor and artist for almost 20 years. For the past 10 years, he decided to learn 3D on his own, extending his knowledge from analog photography, to digital, to 3D modeling and animation.

Yasmine is the Vudu Mama: co-designing the dollz, styling them, and managing all social media platforms and communication for the Vudu Brigada project.

Hi! It’s me, Yasmine. The Covid pandemic hit Italy quite intensely, which forced us to adapt to working in different ways, as well as growing frustrations building up from our experiences in the fashion industry, this led us to the decision to create our own NFT project, where we can express ourselves creatively and produce something fun, on our terms!

This whole project has been extremely fun and to be honest, it is the fruit of us prioritizing our mental and creative health, and it’s just the beginning! 

What got the team interested in Blockchain and NFT’s?

Basically, we started hearing about NFT’s around March of this year (2021). At the time, we invested in some Ethereum, and various other cryptocurrencies, including Cardano, and we were just trying to figure this new environment out!

We did some research and started getting familiar with the process, how it works etc. We were specifically excited about the concept of a decentralized way of doing transactions, where everything is transparent. Me being from Lebanon, a country that is falling apart due to rampant corruption, I long for a system that’s clean, reliable, and transparent, and that’s what blockchains are about.

The NFT’s are the cherry on top. It’s a nice democratic way to sell, trade, and collect art, and the online interactions are genuine! Getting into this environment was one of the best decisions we’ve done this year. 

Is there a roadmap for the future of Vudu Brigada?

The thing is, we have so many ideas for the future of our Vudu dollz, we don’t know where to start. So we’re taking baby steps to ensure we do the best for our community and us.

Our Vudu dollz are made entirely in 3D, so it’s quite easy for us to animate them, which opens up so many doors to future developments, like gamification, or even animated stories, but for now, we’re focusing on our first launch, special airdrops post-launch, as well as creating limited edition vuduz to be put up as auctions as our next target.

Maybe another season of Vudu Brigada, black magic perhaps? And we are definitely open to doing collaborations with other projects. With every project, there will definitely be a percentage of our profits delegated to a charity stake pool, and all that information will be available for all to see on our website. Vudu Brigada has only just begun! 

Vudu Dollz

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far with this project?

Being relatively new to this environment, having no specific knowledge in blockchains/trading/crypto/finance, I think our biggest challenge was understanding the ecosystem and trying to figure out all the dynamics.

Since we mostly do everything ourselves, we are learning so much since we started this project: “NGMI, DYOR, floor price, stake pools, ROI, Bullish, Rug pull…” these words seem so natural to most crypto enthusiasts, so we’ve definitely been studying.

As for the technical artistic part, figuring out how to assemble our 3D assets in a randomized way and making them look beautiful was also a hurdle. Luckily, we don’t give up easily.

Of all the platforms you could have chosen to launch Vudu Brigada on, why Cardano?

I think it’s obvious. THE COMMUNITY! We were advised by a dear friend, that if we were to start an NFT collection, it had to be on Cardano. Apart from gas fees and other details, the community in Cardano is really something else. Everyone has been so real and supportive and it’s so nice to find such a healthy environment on the internet, and to be part of it, finding comfort in complete strangers.

Another extremely important factor was the eco-sustainability of the blockchain. We feel like it’s the best cryptocurrency long-term, as well as taking into consideration the price points, CNFT’s are quite accessible to everyone, unlike other more expensive blockchains.

What project would you ideally love to do a collaboration with?

We think it would be cool to collaborate with Claymates, given the two very different approaches to 3D, we think that mixing our 3D Vudu dollz with their clay stop motion groove, could be quite interesting, plus, this is what our company Polarys Collective usually does, mixing 3D with different media.

Another cool option could be with VisionAI, using artificial intelligence technology and mixing them with our dollz can have a very interesting result! We plan on doing a collaboration, so if you guys are interested, don’t hesitate to hit us up! 

Do you guys collect NFT’s too? What’s your favourite? Can we see it?

We do not collect NFT’s… yet. We didn’t want to be distracted and getting obsessed with other projects before finalizing our own. We have bought 1, from Cardano Kiwis, because we really liked the fact that we can help an endangered species feel protected. But we are definitely going to be collecting NFT’s in the near future! 

Thanks to Yasmine and Vudu Brigada for taking time out of their no doubt extremely busy schedule to answer our questions and thanks to you guys for reading, hopefully you found it interesting.

Vudu Brigada is due to launch soon, though no specific launch date has been announced at the time of writing, keep an eye on our drop calendar for when it is announced.

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9 thoughts on “Meet Vudu Brigada”

  1. The artwork is great, so much better than the generic rubbish that is flooding the market. This has the same sort of vibe as Clay Nation for me.

  2. I felt a similar type of appeal for Vudu Brigada when I first found it as I did for Claynation. 3D, original, full of personality. This mix instills substance, relatability, and personality to each character.

  3. So excited for what’s to come for Vudu Brigada! It only took me one look and i fell in love with their style. Good luck on this journey!

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