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Earth Natives

Our latest interview is with a project that not only has some unique looking art but also an important message and roadmap behind the art. The Earth Natives aim to bring awareness to the need for a more sustainable future by showing a future where the human race destroyed the surface of the Earth and had to flee underground to survive.

The unique, grungy artwork really matches the overall project ethos well and with a smallish mint of 3,333 NFT’s we’re really looking forward to seeing how this one gets on at launch.

We spoke to the team to learn more about the project, the team behind the project and the charitable aspect of a successful mint.

For anyone not familiar with the project, why don’t you give us a little intro into Earth Natives.

Behind the scenes of Earth Natives is Institute Ecoterm Modular, an institution devoted to teaching how to build with earth and encouraging a more sustainable future. The Earth Natives’ characters were humans who were forced underground when the Earth’s surface became uninhabitable due to climate change issues and whilst underground, they mutated with animals who use the earth for its shelter and thermal qualities. It is an educational project seeking to broaden the knowledge about building with earth which will be done through the unique minerals that each of the characters wear and by building and donating two ecological houses, one in Africa and one in Brazil, using the profits of the NFT sales.

The artwork has quite a unique style, where did the inspiration for the art come from?

Credit must be given to our artist, João Montanaro. He has been drawing professionally since the age of 12, with his first publication in MAD magazine and currently draws cartoon strips for the popular newspaper, Folha de São Paulo. We provided João with sketches of our ideas, a man with an armadillo head and from there João had creative freedom to draw as he wished. We have also made sure that the tones and colours used were earthy.

What about the team behind the project, what can you tell us? What lead the team to this project?

We are a multinational team made up of family and friends who are inspired to make change, better our environment and have fun while we are at it.

The majority of us have known each other for more than 10 years, spending our time between Brazil and Australia and are made up of professionals within the fields of marketing, advertising, communications, Stakepool operating and illustrating.

The idea for the project came from Thiago Martoni, who is the CEO of Institute Ecoterm Modular and our project manager. As Ecoterm is always seeking ways to increase knowledge about the earth and its properties we were very excited when Cardano introduced a more sustainable blockchain as we saw an opportunity to use NFT’s as a means to educate others and help give back to the community.

What can you tell us about the charitable aspect of this project?

Institute Ecoterm Modular originally was an ecological brick factory that began back in 2014 producing interlocking compressed earth bricks. We will be using these bricks to build and donate a house in Mali, Africa and in Pratapolis, Brazil with the profits from the NFT sales. The whole journey from laying down the house foundation to the moment we hand over the keys to the deserving family will be captured to share with our community. The families that will receive the house have never owned a home before and are known to struggle financially.

Earth is a natural resource that we have in abundance and can be used in so many ways, so why not give back and help create a more sustainable future together.


Do you have a roadmap laid out for the future of the project? How set in stone is it or will it be something that is flexible depending how the project and community around it develops?

Our current roadmap details what we guarantee to get done. We did not want to include future promises in the fear they we can’t deliver.

In saying this, as we and our community grow, we hope to add to it as more ideas become realities.

How much of the success of the project comes down to the community you can build around the project?

Community is everything, it will enable us to reach further and raise greater awareness for creating a more sustainable future and we like to think that we are acting as a bridge between the online community and the community that will benefit from our actions.

We have been privileged in that our project has already attracted people for different reasons. We have those that are with us for the artwork, for the sustainable building knowledge, for the lore and for raising environmental awareness. It is when we come together, that great changes can be made and we are honoured and proud to bring the community along with us on this journey.

You will obviously have expectations on sales volume, is there a plan B should sales be slower than anticipated? Would you just let the mint run until sold out?

Our collection is not large and we are confident that once our artwork gets out there as well as what we are doing behind it that people will start to take notice. We might not sell out in a matter of hours but we are confident we will sell out in a couple of days.

Ecoterm Housing

As project creators yourselves how do you feel about the recent “rug pulls” or project abandonments that we have seen?

It’s hugely disappointing and such a shame. It takes a lot of time and hard work to bring a project together and in a sense create a family with your community, so when a “rug pull” happens it’s a big betrayal for all involved. This was one of the main reasons we wanted to be fully doxed and to let people know that we are putting not only our professional reputations on the line but also our Institute’s as we believe 100% in our project.

Why did you guys choose Cardano to launch your NFT project?

We have always been Cardano supporters and as Cardano is committed to driving change in the world as well as being a more sustainable blockchain there really was no other choice. On top of this we have never seen a community such like that of Cardano’s, it truly is amazing.

How do you see the NFT space evolving over the next few months?

It is such an exciting space and we are starting to see the level being raised in all aspects. More and more people are becoming interested and wanting to be involved, just the other day I was explaining it to my mum and now she has set up her own wallet! We look forward to what is next.

What project would you like to collaborate with if you could?

Clay Mates. They are such an inspiration and have one of the coolest communities we’ve seen. Not to mention clay is earth, it is like we were meant to be ☺

Do you guys collect NFT’s too? What are your favourite?

Yes we do. We like to support a lot of NFTs but the majority we have are Clay Mates, and we are currently on the hunt for a Space Bud.

Thanks to the Earth Natives team for taking the time to answer our questions, especially so close to the mint when things will no doubt be manic. We would definitely recommend taking the time to read through their website for more information.

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