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Kriez - The Soloist

The next artist in our quick Q&A posts is Kriez.

We chatted to Kriez to find out more about the artwork and bringing their NFTs to Cardano.

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Why don’t you introduce yourself?

Hello, nice to meet you and thanks for your interest.

My name is Kriez, and I am an illustrator based on the collage technique. (check out Kriez’s art on Artano)

I create scenes and forgotten fragments of dreams, nightmares and the human psyche, I take care of remembering what we once saw and we don’t know why.

What is your art background? What got you started?

A few years ago I visited an analogue collage exhibition that fascinated me… I decided to start generating them manually myself. After a while, and after lacking material to continue growing, I opted to generate them digitally.

Today my goal is that they look more and more like drawings, like paintings, that is, that you can barely recognize the technique used

What attracted you to blockchain and NFTs?

The idea of blockchain and NFT basically sounded weird to me, but the idea that my art (strange according to the eye that sees it) had a place where it felt important, where it was valued quantitatively and qualitatively, meant a new dimension in my career.

Tell us about your project/artwork.

At the moment I have not considered the jump to animation, although I know that at a certain point I will need to do it, either out of curiosity, ambition or to prove myself.

Normally I generate a series of pieces of a similar style, right now I am in a line quite close to the dark, without leaving the mysticism of the scenarios and that I remain open to interpretations.

I spent some time playing a oneiric-spatial line that fascinated me… but now I focus more on the fantastic gothic

There are still a lot of artists that are hesitant to get involved with NFTs. There is a lot of fud around, calling NFTs scams etc. What would you say to an artist who was perhaps on the fence about getting involved with NFTs?

Well, I think that almost all of us have had to deal with some scam attempt (the same guy tried to scam me 3 times, I think he forgot that he had already tried me on 2 other occasions)

As for scams, it has happened and will always continue to happen where the money and profits exist.

You have to be very careful.

The collector who really wants to buy your art (this is a very personal opinion), goes and buys it, not trying to seduce you with fanciful ideas and somewhat dire propositions.

There are people who want to buy your art and at that moment they can’t, they send you a message saying that they love what you do and at some point they want to buy something from you.

It has happened to me, there have been collectors who have bought me later because at that time they did not have the funds

It seems honest to me on that part.

The only thing I can tell you is to focus on your art, to praise what you like, to share it too and not to look for more problems than those that already exist out there.

If you are an artist, you have the power to generate beauty, don’t waste time spreading hate or getting into unnecessary polemics.

There is nothing better than inventiveness. Don’t waste that gift.

You have also minted NFTs on other blockchains previously, what prompted you to try Cardano?

The idea of a greener blockchain, less saturated, healthier if this word fits, attracted me, you always have to look for where you are most comfortable and not lock yourself in a fixed idea.

There are many people with barbaric talent in Cardano, hopefully they will succeed

How have you found Cardano?

Actually Cardano found me.

It was thanks to Mateja, the co-founder of Artano.

He did everything and more for me to come, he gave me all the facilities and he bet blindly on me.

Thank you so much.

Thanks to an initiative of the same co-founder (Surreal collective) in which 4 artists are involved, we are having a great success.

We have sold half of the collection in 3 days. There are about 160 pieces of art.

I don’t want to forget Marija, the other founder of the platform.

If you could work on a collaboration with any other NFT artist, who would it be?

Well, I would love to work with my old college friends.

Before entering the NFT, I already had contact with other artists in my guild (via instagram)

They are people I have known for years, people from other countries, whom I have never met in person but they are like lifelong friends.

”Lunatico”, ”Jos” and ”Divangrafico”.

Outside of my guild, the one who catches my attention the most is ”The Heartist”.

If you’re reading this, take it as a proposition.

Do you collect NFTs too? If so, what is your favourite?

I haven’t bought a lot of art, only a few pieces, seeing the talent that exists in the space, I think I would have a serious monetary problem if I start buying, I would go bankrupt for sure.

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