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Machine Headz

Today we have the first of our interviews with artists behind NFT projects. In the past we have interviewed NFT project teams, we are now going to be speaking to the artists themselves to get a better idea of what led them to NFTs, why Cardano and what projects they have or are working on.

Our first interview is with Kimosabe, a graphic designer/artist from Sweden who has worked on multiple projects in the Cardano NFT space.

Why don’t you introduce yourself?

My name is Kim – my gaming tag was always Kimosabe so it was natural to use Kimosabe as my artist name. I am a full-time graphic designer who lives in the cold north of Sweden with my little family.

What is your art background? What got you started?

I have been interested in art my whole life, so it was natural for me to continue my work career in the same theme. When I was a child, I was always sketching stuff, my friends liked football and I liked my pencils.

The art process started with me designing art and graphic design for some board games, it was super fun so I continued down that road.

What attracted you to blockchain and NFTs?

It all started with some freelance work for some crypto projects, it started small with some logos and escalated to illustrations and full UI designs for web and app. At some point someone told me “You should make some NFTs”. And I was like, what is an NFT?

After some help and a lot of reading I tried to mint some art and sell it. I remember being super surprised when the first NFTs got sold. And very happy, it was nice creating something from my own mind instead of a client. From that day I was hooked.

What NFT projects have you worked on? Any plans to work with others?

I got a lot of collections, I like smaller collections because that way you can do more detail and change things on specific NFTs.

Survival Arena

That is not possible in a 10k collection. But my more popular collections have been Machine Headz, Cyberpunk S1 & S2, Gojira, Symbiotes, Survival Arena and more.

I would love to work with other project, so far, I have done most of the work myself, but the dream is to focus more of my time on the art only. So, if someone has a project who needs an artist like me – send me a message!

Any plans to do more solo work, maybe some 1/1 art?

Yes absolutely, I have been involved in some bigger projects now. But I really miss my smaller 100-200 collections. It gives a whole new level of freedom to be creative. It is simply put more fun. And I want work to be fun, that is most important to me – not the pay.

There are still a lot of artists that are hesitant to get involved with NFTs. There is a lot of fud around, calling NFTs scams etc. What would you say to an artist who was perhaps on the fence about getting involved with NFTs?

To my artist friends who has not tried NFTs yet – give it a go. Test the waters. If it is not for you, stop it. But remember to be transparent and honest with what you promise your buyers, if it is just an art piece make that clear from the beginning. That is important.

There is an extreme amount of projects that promise gaming or metaverse stuff, if you can’t deliver what you promise, don’t do it. But NFTs is a great way to create your art. I cannot find any better way right now to create the art I love to create. That is the beauty of it all, NFTs give us (the artists) that possibility. And for that I am grateful.

What did you choose Cardano to launch your NFTs over other blockchains?

I started to mint on other blockchains, but for me Cardano had the best infrastructure to mint and sell NFTs. That, and all the help I received from a very supportive Cardano community. Comparing that to minting on other blockchains, I have to say I got the most help and love from Cardano.

If you could work on a collaboration with any other NFT artist, who would it be?

I would really like to do some collabs with ADANinjaz, I love the art and I love ninjas. Other than that, I am weak for skulls so I would love to create something with SinderSkullz, Galactico, Crypties, Hype and Ohh_meed. They are all amazing artists.

Do you collect NFTs too? If so, what is your favourite?

Yes, but I am not very active. I only buy NFTs for the art. My favorite is a skull from SinderSkullz holding a Molotov cocktail. It looks so cool, it is right up my alley.

If you’d like to see more of Kimosabe’s work you can check him out on Twitter or check out the link tree for more.

We hope you enjoyed the interview, we’ve got more coming very soon with artists behind CNFT projects.

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