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Justin Sigel - Hope

The next artist in our quick Q&A posts is a new artist to the Cardano NFT scene.

We chatted to Justin Sigel to find out more about his artwork and how he got involved in NFTs on Cardano.

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Why don’t you introduce yourself?

My name is Justin Sigel. I am a visual artist based in the Nashville area. I mainly work with acrylics and spray paint on large canvases. In November of 2021 I was finally able to quit my job and work on painting and content creation full-time.

What is your art background? What got you started?

I have always been interested in the visual arts. I danced competitively when I was in grade school, loved performing in church dramas, and I was constantly drawing, sculpting, and painting in my free time. I just never saw art as being a viable career path because of the “starving artist” stigma.

That led me to taking a couple years of culinary and hating my life because of the lack of creative freedom I would have while I “paid my dues” in the industry.

I discovered David Garibaldi on YouTube and the art of performance painting and was instantly obsessed with the “performance” style of art where you create portraits in front of a crowd in a matter of minutes. From there I went to Lee University and graduated with a degree in Painting and Graphic Design.

What attracted you to blockchain and NFTs?

The obsession behind NFTs in 2020/2021 was very similar to the way I remember people talking about TikTok in 2017/2018. A niche market was all about it, many were hesitant or disgusted by it but it quickly became the quickest social media platform to grow on.

NFTs I have seen do the same for artists but instead of views and follows, it has given all forms of art a platform to monetize and be recognized for their artistry.

Of course there are very meme centred and AI generated projects out there but there are some incredibly talented people in the space that are finally gaining the recognition they deserve as artists that wouldn’t be possible without the space.

What NFT project are you working on?

Right now we are about to drop my first collection. I have a few pieces centred around depicting feelings and emotions that I feel resonate a lot with people post-pandemic.


Those are pieces that are currently being made into future NFT collections through CREO.

There are still a lot of artists that are hesitant to get involved with NFTs. There is a lot of fud around, calling NFTs scams etc. What would you say to an artist who was perhaps on the fence about getting involved with NFTs?

The first NFTs I minted were corrupted somehow in the minting process through a very popular platform. It made me very anti-NFT because I spent a few hundred in gas prices on pieces with artwork that didn’t show up.

Honestly, I would say find someone to worry about the minting and marketing. Working with CREO has helped me get excited about NFTs again because all I have to worry about is the art and they handle the rest. And that is glorious for the artist.

Why did you choose Cardano to launch your NFTs over other blockchains?

The amazing team I work with at CREO handles the blockchain stuff. Gas fees and minting. Cardano, from what I know, doesn’t require as much in gas fees like others which is SO much more consumer friendly.

If you could work on a collaboration with any other NFT artist, who would it be?

@abovewongart. His combination of hand-drawn work, animation, and 3D sculpting makes for such interesting pieces. I think combining his cleaner style of art with my chaotic style would look incredible.

Do you collect NFTs too? If so, what is your favourite?

Some of my favorites right now are…




Thank you for reading, if you’d like to learn more about Justin you can visit his website, follow him on Twitter, join the Discord or follow on TikTok.

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