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Borg Club NFT

Our latest interview is with a project bringing (cy)Borgs to the Cardano Blockchain.

Read on as we chat to Borg Club to find out more about the art, the team and the future plans.

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Tell us a little about Borg Club, what type of artwork is it, what size drop?

Borg Club is a project that aims to bring people together, to create a strong community and to spread positivity across the whole CNFT space.

We love how well CNFT’s are developing and how artists keep pushing boundaries regarding the quality of NFT’s. Borg Club is a 100% original project with some extra assets in tribute to some much loved comics, genres and music.

We tried to include some cool things in our “BorgVerse” so that everyone can find the most fitting Borg for themselves. Our main goal is to bring art to the CNFT space, we want our community members to join us for the art over anything else.

Of course we have some plans for the future that we want to accomplish (for example 3D model Borgs for metaverses) but this discussion will come later as the project develops.

Where did the idea for the project come from?

Well, I wanted to create Cyborg-like humanoid creatures, because I thought there is so much potential art-wise and there are so many possibilities to include human/cyborg assets that look cool without looking like they don’t belong.

And yes – one of the most important things is that we want to create the most “PFPable” collection out there. That is why we put a big effort into the details (in regards to the Borgs themselves and their assets).

Was there any concern that using the name “Borg” might be problematic in the future, with its ties to the Star Trek franchise?

Borg NFT

The name Borg has nothing to do with Star Trek in our project. It’s just a shortened name for Cyborg. We wanted our project name to be as aesthetic and fitting as it possibly can be. We had ideas like Cyborg Club, Borgs Club but we finally went with Borg Club and I couldn’t be happier with that fact.

What makes this project unique?

I think the art style makes it unique, once you see all of our assets it might help you understand why we think its VERY unique, but that is a thing that I don’t want to spoil too much.

What’s more, once we do our first launch of Borgs, we want to focus firstly on the comic series which will include Borgs actually minted by community. There will be polls regarding storylines, Borgs to be included and some other exciting stuff that will be released in our BorgPaper after launch.

What about the team behind the project? Tell us a bit about the team, where are you from, what are your background(s) and what has lead you to start this project.

Our team is rather small but strong, for now its only 3 of us and we are a multicultural mix!

Some Italian, some Polish. In regards to our backgrounds, its a pure art background though obviously we have a developer on our team that helps us so that we do not make any mistakes regarding our launch (smooth mint, proper metadata, and some exciting add-ons that you will see in the metadata).

When it comes to the art we have a good variety of skill that allows us to move in other directions then just 2D, which is key for the future!

We want to organize some AMA’s (twitter spaces) later on so that hopefully we can get to know each other a bit better!


What is the long term vision for the project? Is there a roadmap at this stage or will you be building as you go?

So at first we did not plan to release anything other than our art while adding new information as we progressed, but we felt like the community these days expects a roadmap, so much so that it sometimes won’t give you a chance unless they see a roadmap.

So with that in mind, we decided to include a realistic roadmap with the things we plan for the project but the roadmap will change (some new stuff will be added) because as I said we will be adding new stuff as we go.

We would love people to mint our Borgs based on our art rather then our roadmap. (You can view current roadmap on our website)

What got the team interested in Blockchain and NFT’s?

Investing, then crypto investing and then art that caught our eye and the fact that we were amazed with the quality and strength of some of the communities here in the space.

That’s why we decided to create our community. We thought Borg style will be perfect for the Cardano blockchain.

As you’ve probably noticed, every blockchain has its own range of NFT’s (for example Solana NFTs are very different to Cardano’s as a whole).

Cardano was chosen because of its awesome people and its ability to build best communities.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far with this project?

Biggest challange? Art for sure.

While drawing the assets we have noticed that we cannot just layer them normally. Not to go into too much detail but we had to spent 5x as much time on each asset to create each version of each Borg species. But we love being challenged!

As project creators yourselves how do you feel about the recent “rug pulls” or project abandonments?

To be fair I have no idea why it happens so often? As a creator I think its disgusting and, hopefully, people can recognize such projects before they actually launch. I have personally invested in some NFTs and whenever I had doubts I just decided not to participate.

Borgs NFT

How do you see the NFT space evolving over the next few months?

Hard to answer this question!

Artists are stepping up their game, we are starting tosee the first games being developed, which is amazing.

Its gonna be HUGE for sure. In coming years metaverses, games – all that uhhh gets me excited!

And we want Borgs to play a small role in this!

What project would you ideally love to do a collaboration with?

Love Clays! To Clays – Love YOU GUYS! If you are reading this, lets make some clay asset!!!!

Do you guys collect NFT’s too? What’s your favourite? Can we see it?

Favourite NFT’s must be Clays, Uglies, Degens and I love what Universe 25 did with their collectibles!

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to follow Borg Club on Twitter.

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