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Land Plot


Cardano Island Land Claim


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Parisian Building

Parisian Building Season 2 is a NFT project for architecture and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. These NFTs represent the famous Haussmannian buildings, time recognized for their beauty and their world fame. We …

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Puffy Penguins

The Puffy Penguins is bringing the penguin vibe to the Cardano Blockchain. The Puffy family is a collection of 4444 NFT’s and each Penguin is one-of-a-kind based on their unique …

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Club Koala

Club Koala is a pfp collection of 5,555 pixelated koalas living on the Cardano blockchain. We aim to foster a sustainable and community-driven project. Our mint price is 10ADA because …

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Rudy & Tops

Rudy & Tops is a collection of 5200 hand-drawn CNFTs created by the artist from Salty Seagulls Society. Rudy & Tops is the first community-led comic series coming to Cardano, …

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Automatica is a collection on the Cardano blockchain looking to utilise the power of advanced machine learning to bring to life some of the worlds most mythical creatures. Our goal …

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Dropout Crypto Gang: Y3K Collection

D.C.G. Y3K (Year 3000) NFTs are futuristic avatars of the main Dropouts. These characters are part of the project’s virtual world, playing a significant role in the story development.


Weird Champions


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