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Derp Birds

Our next interview is with a project that has been around for a while now and one that we personally have history with.

When CNFT World was launched our logo, which you can see in this image, was our Derp Bird.

That changed recently when Henry from Raqoon designed our new logo but we still have the Derp Bird in our wallet.

We chatted to King Dave to find out a little more about the Derp Birds, multi-sig transactions and the Derp Apes.


For anyone who doesn’t know, or anyone new to CNFTs can you give us a little introduction to Derp Birds?

Derp Birds is an NFT project that classifies itself as a “gamified NFT collecting experience”, which means we’ve tried to take the core elements of participating in NFTs and gamify that experience.

We’re probably most well known for 2 things; community and multi-sig minting. Similar to many projects, the community has been a fundamental focus for the project since the start and continues to be a major influence on everything that we do.

We’re known for multi-sig minting because we were the first CNFT project to use multi-sig for minting CNFTs back in November with our Derplings.

You can read more about multi-sig and how we landed on the solution and what its impact has been here.

Who are the team behind the project? Where are you guys from?

I’m Dave (King Dave đź‘‘) and if you were to ask our community what I do, they would most likely say I’m the guy who makes announcements of announcements of announcements. That is to say, I’m the “community manager” though the other 2 members of the team are very involved with the project as well!

And while Art (James) is officially the “artist” for the project, he does much more than just artwork… he also spends a considerable amount of time trolling the community and threatening to rug pull. Finally, there is Geek (Jonathan), who is the real star of the show. It’s normal in the NFT world for teams to be called “devs”, but for Derp Birds, Geek is our only developer which means everything that we’ve built has come from him. We’re super lucky to have him and it does seem like he’s steadily carving out a real name for himself with the CNFT space.

We’re all US-based, James and I are in Colorado and Jonathan is in New Mexico.

Derp Birds were one of the first NFT’s I minted and, in fact, the initial logo for CNFT World was my Derp Bird. So much has happened in the CNFT space since your first drop, how have you guys found it? It seems like some of the earlier projects are seeing a resurgence of late?

There certainly has been so much that has happened since September, it’s really too much to keep up with. In fact, the only way I’m able to keep up with what I do is by just talking to the Derps community. Many of them treat the Derp Birds Discord as like “home base” where they know they can talk freely about other projects, so it’s a great source of news for everything happening in the CNFT space!

It has been really fun watching projects that were ignored for a long time all of the sudden get a lot of attention from the community. It’s a bit unfortunate that so much of the NFT space is driven purely by hype. There are so many wonderful projects that have incredible teams, fun AND feasible roadmaps, and great artwork, but they’re ignored because they don’t play in the typical hype games that so many other projects do. Over the course of months, it is beginning to feel as if there is a single “recipe” for “success”(loaded word) that projects need to follow if they want to be paid attention to. I hope that throughout 2022 we see some disruption in the space and that there are projects that truly are doing things differently that do manage to capture the attention of the space.

You recently posted a Twitter thread regarding multi-sig transactions and how they can be used as a minting process putting far less load on the blockchain. What can you tell us about this? Is this something Derp Birds will be offering as a service to other projects going forwards?

Multi-sig is a very effective way of minting NFTs because it all happens within a single transaction instead of 2 transactions that would normally be used for minting. It’s also faster, cheaper, safer, and leads to less network congestion.

We haven’t talked about this much yet but we are looking at if it would make sense for us to provide a service. So far we’ve partnered up with Cornucopias, one of the most anticipated projects on Cardano, to work together to provide their community with the best minting experience possible. We’ve had around 100 other projects reach out in the last 4-5 weeks asking if we could also handle the minting for their projects. As is true with everything else we do, it’s mostly a matter of finding the time to build and deliver to market. But yes, it is something we’re thinking about!

You also recently made some very interesting posts regarding tax and costs for projects. How important is it, especially for new creators, to treat their project as a real business?

This is a great question that is not talked about nearly enough within the space!

From the start of Derp Birds we have talked to lawyers and CPAs to get their advice on everything that we do. They’ve steered us away from several pitfalls that could have really damaged the project in both the short and long term. We would recommend that every project do something similar.

Related to this topic is the idea of funding an ongoing project. I believe that many collectors in the space think that if a project sells out that the team must be millionaires, and this just isn’t true(for most projects). Between taxes, the crash in the crypto market, and costs of just operating in the space, the Derp Birds team has so far made less than our salaried positions paid us.

So, to anyone who may just be trying to launch an NFT project for the money, I would say do your research first!

If you had to give one tip to a new project team entering the space, what would it be?

Obsess over the community. Talk to them, ask them what they think, hear their complaints and concerns… and for the love of god, make right your wrongs. Nothing goes smooth in this space, and nobody really expects it to, but when you mess up, let everyone know about the mistake, own it, make it right, and try not to repeat it.

Tell us about Derp Apes (Drapes), were they always planned as part of the project or was it a reaction to the amount of ape projects popping up?

Drapes started off as a joke because we’ve been pretty vocal about wanting to see more creative and innovative projects in the space. James made a few Derp Apes as a joke and told the community it was our next drop and the community fell in love with them, starting meming with them, set them as their pfps, etc. However, dropping drapes allowed us to do many things:

  • We needed to continue funding the project. It’s been our goal since the start to make Derp Birds roadmap accessible and affordable for everyone. In order to accomplish that goal we needed to find a way to offset the cost of the upcoming roadmap features and drapes allowed us to do that.
  • We needed to perform an open drop that had no weird logic associated with it for testing our multisig tech. Eggs, Derplings, PRED, all of these have a lot of conditional code that make them unlike most regular drops. Dropping derp apes gave us a perfect project to really refine our multi-sig transactional tech.
  • The community loved them!

They were never a part of our original plans but we really have had fun watching the community enjoy them!

Thank you for reading, if you would like to more about Derp Birds you can check out their website or follow them on Twitter.

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