Currently Minting

Below are projects that have begun minting but have not yet sold out or stopped the mint.

Please do your own research before buying into any NFT project. An inclusion on this page is not an endorsement and nothing on this page should be considered financial advice. Unfortunately there is likely to be at least 1 rug pull on this page as there is no way for us to fully vet projects. Always do your own research before buying into a project.

If you have a project that currently has an ongoing mint then let us know here and we will get you added.


Faces is an art movement centred around originality, community growth and collaborative initiatives.

Let the words of The Author guide you as you enter our world…

-Faces Poem-

I am many faces, shapeshifting, immortal,

Each a representation of feelings and emotion,

Look closely, come closer not too near of course,

Generative creation is seen through me.

Ask not who I am but feel it inside,

Which of my forms will find its way to you,

Wear me, use me, become me and then,

Your path into the New World will begin to make sense

Find out more on the website.

Rogue Primates Society

Rogue Primates Society

4000 highly-detailed 3D Primates coming to a metaverse near you!

Join the Discord for more information.

The CatKinsons $PURR


The CatKinsons $PURR is the CNFT Collection of the MeMe Token $PURR Season 1 Mrs CatKinson Season 2 Mr CatKinson Ultimate Goal Breeding & Battle P2E Game

Find out more on the website.

Sinder Skullz

Sinder Skullz

Sinder Skullz is a badass PFP collection consisting of 6666 unique 3D rendered skeleton portraits. Each one is randomly generated from various clothing, accessories and paraphernalia.

Find out more information on the website.

Cardano Feeds

Our main goal is to enable buyers to, not only, own an original NFT, but to make a difference to people in need at the same time. One Series at a time, we hope to feed as many people, across different continents, as possible. We feel food should be available to everyone and that is what we are striving to do.

With every mint we feed those in need.

In South Africa, 1 ADA can feed one person for a week.

Check out the website for more details.

Autism Army

Autism Army

3,333 AutismArmyNFT’s from every color of the rainbow are currently minting on the Cardano BlockChain!

We are here to help support autism research to further perpetuate autism acceptance.

50% of all NFT sales will be donated to the Autism Science Foundation.

Find more info on their Twitter page.



**Our Project**

The SushiBytes project is an evolving play-to-earn, creator focused gaming ecosystem.

**NFT Collection**

SushiBytes NFTs are a deliciously cute collection of 10,000 digital-art pieces minted exclusively on the Cardano blockchain. Each element in the collection is lovingly and skillfully hand-drawn bit by bit, then generated algorithmically. Each of these SushiBytes has an attribute of rarity, making them a unique collectible.

SushiBytes is historically significant because it was the first NFT game to be developed on the Cardano blockchain, giving it utility.

Find out more on their website.

Garlic Soul – Sad Cards

Sad Cards are 54 hand-drawn playing cards, with 5 different rarities. Total supply 5400 Nft, and with each card purchased you will get 1 Garlic Coin, our utility token.

For more info check out the website.

Unique Figures

Unique Figures

A  project focused on creating figurines that depict the uniqueness of every individual. Every unique figure was digitally hand-drawn and randomized, making every asset unique! Get a unique figure and see if it resembles you!

For more info check out their Twitter profile.


Season 1: 2222 completely unique & randomly generated Freakz gaming and partying it up in the Metaverse.

Jump into the Discord for more information.

The Cardanos

The Cardanos

Interactive NFTs Heroes.
They are normal people by day, and Heroes by night!
10000 unique costumes, common, uncommon, rare, super rare, epic, legendary…
They have 5 attributes: strength, charisma, intelligence, dexterity and luck, they can play around and fight!
Mint your Heroes, create your teams and have fun challenging other Heroes!
May the best hero win!

Find more info on their website.



We have released our first generated 1/1 Chuckmates collection! Each Chuck is different with unique hand-drawn traits! Composed from over 180 different assets across 15 separate layers, there are 13,944,563,942,400 (13.9 trillion) possible Chucks, but there will be 9999 NFT’s minted of these in total. The randomly generated Chucks cost 35 ADA each and you will receive all the property rights to it.

Find out more info on their website.



Sadly, ShitCoinz can happen to anyone.

Now there’s a way to move beyond your PTSD or post-trade ShitCoin depression.

Announcing ShitCoinz: An NFT collection commemorating one’s inevitable initiation into Crypto investing’s hall of shame.

These tiny digital trophies will help ease the pain, allowing you to get beyond the trauma of becoming “rekt.”

After all, to move forward in life, one must truly embrace one’s own shit.

Embrace your shit and brace yourself for ShitCoinz.

Find more information on the website.

Reva’s World

‘Reva’s World’ is the first NFT collection that will be integrated and made into a complete feature-length film!

A collection of 2100 exclusive NFT’s from Reva’s World consisting of Storyboard Panels, Location Stills, and Graphic Illustrations gives the holders unique perks.

Who is Reva?

Reva is a 26-year-old girl in search of a mystical village called ‘Saral’.
Saral does not exist on any map nor has anyone ever heard of it.
She first heard about Saral from her grandfather who used to tell her stories about a place stuck in time,
a fully self-sufficient and self-governed village away from modern problems and most importantly electricity.
Reva has been suffering from a rare condition called Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity, which has made it impossible
for her to live in a big city. She thinks her only recourse to a comfortable life is to find ‘Saral’.
Follow her on her tumultuous but exciting journey to find her paradise!
Does Saral really exist or was it her grandfather’s way of instilling hope in her?
Is Reva really afflicted with EHS or she is using it as an excuse?
These questions and more will be answered in the film!

Find out more on the website.


CardaWheels is the Family of unique cartoon CARacters.

They arrived at Cardano’s ADA World in the form of 10,000 hand-drawn and algorithmically assembled Non-Fungible Tokens. Each NFT resembles well-known and loved cartoon characters and toy cars.

Find more details on the website.