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Please bear with us while we update this page, a number of the projects we had listed are no longer minting so we are refreshing the page.

Below are projects that have begun minting but have not yet sold out or stopped the mint.

Please do your own research before buying into any NFT project. An inclusion on this page is not an endorsement and nothing on this page should be considered financial advice. Unfortunately there is likely to be at least 1 rug pull on this page as there is no way for us to fully vet projects. Always do your own research before buying into a project.

If you have a project that currently has an ongoing mint then let us know here and we will get you added.

HAND Collection – The Auctions

HAND Collection - The Auctions

A collection of 88 NFTs, all digitally sculpted. Collabs with some of the most respected artists on the CNFT space. Available on auctions at Discord.

“Hand Collection” is the second series being launched on Cardano by the artist Jordi Leitão.

With inspiration from many sources, this is a very diverse non-generated art series, where each piece was individually and digitally sculpted, to form a small but very unique collection!

The Collection includes Collaboration paintings done by some incredible artists: such as Maxing (We’re All Programmed), Flavio.25 (UNIVERSE.25), cozmo (PENDULUM), Pixelado (Ash & Tray), GOLDEN (Handies) and Fragilebob (Adaverse)

Find out more on their website.