Claude, Just Another Ape Project? Nah

Bored Claude

We are not short on ape projects on Cardano, or generally in NFTs, so is Bored Claude just another one for the list?

We don’t think so.

Bored Claude Parody Club, as the name would suggest, has a little fun with the trope, while also offering something a little different in terms of art style.

We chatted to designer Sam and his alter-ego Claude to find out more.

Tell us a little about the project and why you decided to launch your own NFT project.

I was introduced to the NFT world by those two Jedi’s, Nathan & Terry, from RetroNFTs, back in October 2021. I started to follow the likes of Clay Mates, BAYC and Ugly Bros (along with the usual hashtags) to get an insight to what it was all about. Come January, I was soooo bored of all the ape related projects, and rather offended as it seemed some were using pictures of my kind just to line their pockets and make rich people richer.

Enough is enough I thought! So I consulted my brother from a less hairy mother, Sam Slim, about starting my own project to show the world how beautiful us apes REALLY are! We came up with the idea of using my excellent vintage fashion sense to bring awareness of the unsustainable fashion world, and to spread the message far and wide that you don’t need to buy new to look the bollocks!

And Bored Claude Parody Club was born.

What can you tell us about yourself? Where are you from? What’s your background?

I was born in Gabon, Africa, but got adopted and brought to the UK (Falmouth, Cornwall) after my Mum died in a fatal paddleboarding incident when I was 4 days old. My Dad had buggered off to pursue a career in Hollywood before I was born. The bastard. I now live with Sam Slim and his girlfriend in Plymouth, working remotely, part-time as a Graphic Designer.

You are currently a one man/ape project, are there any plans to increase your team size as the project grows?

If enough humans like what I’m doing and it goes well, then I’m all up for growing as a team. RetroNFTs are handling the minting side of things so I don’t have to think about that.

As a creator, I mainly want to create! But I do enjoy the marketing side of things too. The Cardano community has opened me up to a world I didn’t know existed and I love to get to know new people. As my project is a concept, it works for me to do everything right now as no-one knows my vision better than me.

Bored Claude Ape

The hours I’m putting in are ridiculous, though, so glad I work remotely so I can slack off my shitty job and hang on the old Twitterydoo!

A lot of people suggest that not having a doxxed team is a red flag. As an un-doxxed project creator how do you feel about that? Does it make it more difficult?

Yeah I’m hearing that a lot. It can be a real motivation killer, but I believe in my project so much that I’m gonna do it regardless.

Those humans who run the world are doing such a crap job, I can’t hang about and do nothing any more! If a big orange baby can be President, or The Terminator be Governor, or a clown be Prime Minister, then why can’t a gorilla have a go? While also looking the nuts at the same time!

Also hoping to ride on the rep of the Retro NFT boys, hoping that will get me through. I just think of all the talent that could be overlooked because they aren’t known in the scene. Though I suppose if the work speaks for itself, then the good projects will stand out.

How many different photos did you take? Are they all with different clothing, accessories or are there a mix of some that are the same but with different coloured backgrounds?

My first project is titled ‘500 Styles’, where I will be putting together 500 killer looks with mainly clothing and accessories from my own wardrobe, plus some choice pieces I pick up from charity shops, vintage fairs and other 2nd hand outlets, along the way.

I will use some pieces more than once, others will be used less, it depends on what the look demands! I will be dropping my NFTs in batches of 50, so there will be 10 volumes which make up the ‘500 Styles’ collection.

The overall feel of the project is very lighthearted but there is an underlying message about the fashion industry, what can you tell us about that?

I’m just sick to death of seeing the ridiculous amount of stuff you humans consume! It’s all over the tellybox these days, you can’t move without seeing some poor cousin of mine being left homeless due to deforestation. Or hearing about the sheer amount of microfibre plastic knocking about in the ocean.

The fashion industry has gotten too big and hungry for us to consume shit that WE DON’T NEED (and every other industry for that matter). There is plenty of good quality clothing and stuff in the world already, you just need to know where to look for it.

Is there a plan for the project or are you going to see how things develop once you start minting?

I have all kinds of ideas and plans, but my project is young and as a 1 ape team I need to be realistic. I want to build a community which shares the values I do, which believes in my Mission Statement.

My goal is to get FAMOUS (ever seen an NFT become Prime Minister?!) 500 Styles is just the beginning. If I can get famous then my message will be heard far and wide. I will be supporting 2 charities which the community will be choosing (Fashion Revolution and Sea Shepard for instance) and a good chunk of change raised from sales and royalties, will go to them. I’m a pretty simple beast, things don’t impress me, people and art does.

Why do you think there are so many ape related NFT projects out there? Is it purely down to wanting to grab some of the limelight from BAYC or is there something else?

I read that crypto has adopted the ape as their spirit animal. I suppose that’s true, but only because everyone’s jumped on the BAYC hype and are riding that baby to shore.

It is ridiculous now though, that’s why I tout BCPC as the ULTIMATE ape project, to hopefully put a STOP to this fad.

NFTs are about creativity, let’s CREATE something different, humans, for fuk sake.

What first got you interested in NFT’s?

The art, and also the opportunity it gives as a creative. My bro, Sam Slim, has sold a bunch of paintings in galleries in the past. You know how much an artist sees from a sale? 50% of the sale price, he might as well have whipped his cacks down and bent over at the same time.

Bored Claude Parody Club

The market is there and willing to buy if they like what they see in NFTs, and collectors shouldn’t throw their teddies out the pram over royalties. Van Gogh famously only ever sold 1 painting in his life. It’s about time the artists got paid, I’m doing this for Vincent.

As someone fairly new to the space why did you choose to launch on Cardano?

Nathan & Terry from RetroNFTs gave me the schpiel, and I was sold. As a blockchain, it seems they are a lot more environmentally conscious, that sits well with me and my project.

If you could pick one project to collab with, who would it be?

Ooooohhh toughie! I LOVE Disco Solaris’ artwork (shout out Deadpaint), I love a pastel. Actually put a DS inspired look together for the collection and it’s one of my faves. Also Handies, and Mr Fan are killin’ it. So creative, so aesthetically pleasing.

Do you collect NFT’s too? What’s your favourite?

I probs shouldn’t say this but I’m yet to buy one! After losing half my job the old Benjie Franklin’s are pretty tight right now. Hence the lack of a website (thank fuk for Linktree).

Big thanks to Sam, and Claude, for taking the time to shed a little more light on the project. If you’d like to know more you can follow BCPC on Twitter here.

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