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ADA Ninjaz are a well established project on Cardano, in fact we included them as one of 5 recommended projects recently, we first chatted to them way back in November so it was definitely time for a catch up.

A lot has happened since then and a lot more is on the horizon for the project and holders.

We chatted to one of the founders, Zushan, to find out more about what has happened since November last year and what plans the project have for the coming months.

The last time we spoke to you guys was way back in November 21 (see earlier interview here). In the NFT World that feels like years ago! Tell us what has been happening with ADA Ninjaz.

It definitely does feel like years in this world, doesn’t it?

Firstly, thanks again for having us on! It’s always a pleasure chatting to you.

November, wow, a lot has happened since then. We released and sold out our second NFT season – The Atsuko Clan, back in February of this year. The team began creating and completed the first volume of our manga (which we also recently sold as a physical product too), and of course, we had several collabs with incredible projects, including some crosschain ones.

It was a lot of fun having these collabs over the past few months including ADA Goats, ADA Army, Heist on Alpha, Cryptoverse Comics, Mutants NFT, Veggiemates, Happy Hoppers, Hornnies, Project 2090, Disco Solaris and more.

This was especially fun, as our artist, V, got to work on things outside of what he typically likes doing.

On my end, it was wonderful to connect and engage with so many different project leads and teams.

Additionally, we are pushing the limit with community-driven music, having released 2 songs (available on Spotify and Youtube) as a part of our wider OST release and development.

ADA Ninjaz x Goat Tribe

For both tracks the community wrote parts of the lyrics, picked the genre of the music, and worked on other aspects of the song production. In fact, for the 2nd track, “Aramar”, our community has been credited in the list of artists too.

We’ve also released our music pass NFTs, which have helped us create a self-sustainable method of music production.

Each of these passes provide holders with IRL music-related utilities and of course a free Daisuke S3 Mint. I believe there are just under 100 NFTs left in this 500 NFT collection, and the artwork on it is amazing too (not to mention, they are animated).

Besides of course, working with the community to create the world of Ninava (the nation where the Ninjaz live), develop the manga, and the music, a lot of work has been going on in the background to bring some incredible announcements and updates, especially post our rebrand to a multimedia entertainment business.

Of course, it has been a lot of work, but definitely worth it!

Tell us about the S3 drop and what collectors can expect?

The Daisuke are going to be amazing.

Firstly, I’m the official Daisuke representative in the ADA Ninjaz upper management team, so I have to say we’re the best clan!

On a serious note, though, the art is phenomenal, I was absolutely blown away over the course of the whole process (it’s been in the works since before we launched S2, so 2.5-3 months now). All 4 of our artists worked on creating these, and they’ve really taken the style of art to another level.

Essentially, this collection will feature the final 8,888 clan NFTs. Each NFT is randomly generated, however they are also ALL animated in Live 2D.

There will also be 20 stems of original music across the Daisuke, created, of course, by our music partners at Mirai Music. With each NFT you mint, you will receive the:

  1. MP4 file
  2. GIF file
  3. Still file
  4. Stem of music

Daisuke will drop on 21 May, and will NOT have a whitelist.

Instead, for every ninja you hold, whether season 1 or season 2, you will receive a % off of the mint price.

Our partners at NFT-Maker have helped us set this up, but how it works is — If you hold 1 ADA Ninjaz NFT you will receive 1% off, up to 20% off for 20+ Ninjaz regardless of which clan you hold. So you can hold 20 ninjaz with a combination of 10 Aramar and 10 Atsuko, and receive 20% off.

Also, if you hold 15 of S1 (Aramar) or 15 of S2 (Atsuko) you will receive a free S3 (Daisuke) NFT after the mint. In this instance, you need to hold 15 of either clan, but not in combination!

So, there is a lot happening with the Daisuke, and as a lot of the ADA Ninjaz community knows, following this we will be having the Great Ninjaz Burn, later this year, where you will be able to burn a combination of NFTs from each clan, to be airdropped a mysterious smoke NFT.

Of course, in our case, everything ties in with the ADA Ninjaz story, and that is very important to us, including the NFT drops and their purposes.

What plans have you got for the coming months?

Well, the next few months are extremely busy for us (I mean all months are, but we’re coming up with a lot). As I had mentioned our token is dropping soon, the team is continuing to push the development, creation and community involvement on the storytelling and manga front, and we’re looking to expand into other areas, quite significantly.

We are having very early conversations with animation and production studios about a potential animated series for ADA Ninjaz, which of course is one of the core deliverables of what ADA Ninjaz has promised from the very beginning.

Alongside that we are looking to further expand our manga comic footprint by releasing more physical products and reach out to distributors.

We’ve got a huge announcement coming up on the 16th of May which will set up an additional layer to our future, and is something I’m super excited to share with everyone, very soon.

We will also be at our first comic convention in June, here in Australia, selling some of our manga comics, merch and talking to people about the project. If you’re in Australia, we’ll be in Sydney at Supanova, please do come by and say hello.

This, of course, will be followed by CNFT Con in October (have we got something exciting for those attending!)

ADA Ninjaz Manga

Another key focus on our end is to further develop our revenue streams outside of just NFT launches and their royalties, especially via building our network outside the Web 3.0 world and this is something we will continue to push on over the coming weeks and months.

How difficult is it, as a more established project, to maintain momentum and keep interest high in the project when there are so many hyped projects dropping every few weeks?

This is a really good question, and a very important one, to be very honest.

It is, by no means, easy to do, especially considering how much the space has changed.

When we were releasing season 1, I would only see a handful of projects dropping collections on a weekly basis. Now, however, you see that many in a day.

We, first and foremost, are really fortunate at ADA Ninjaz to have an amazing community. I know people say this all the time, but rarely have I come across projects where people have stuck around not for 1 or 2, but rather 3 major NFT drops, trusted the team in building the universe that they have set out to do, and bring in new people through marketing the project organically on social media.

For us, decentralized storytelling is important, it is the future of the media industry, full immersion into an entertainment experience can only truly be achieved through enabling your audience to make decisions on elements of story, music and more. This is what we set out to do, and are continuing to deliver.

Atsuko Ninjaz

Our community writes story, votes on aspects of story, makes decisions on the world and much more!

This means they are with us every step of the way, whether it’s music, manga or NFT creation. This, I feel is really important for any project, if you have a core community that believes in you, and a genuine goal/target with what your project is about, people will continue to support you.

Don’t get me wrong though, it isn’t always all hunky dory. There are days, where I as a project lead, question what it is that I’m doing wrong, or what we should be doing to grow at a “Faster” pace. Sometimes comparing ourselves to other projects and so on. However, I quickly remember, that we’ve been at this since September 2021, and we have a long-term vision which we know we can bring to life. That keeps me motivated for sure!

Tell us about the ADA Ninjaz token. What will it be used for? How can collectors accumulate?

Yes, the $NINJAZ token is coming. We will be detailing out its use case/purpose & complete tokenomics on the 16th of May, so stay tuned!

What I can tell you right now though, is that the token will have genuine utility. It won’t simply be to purchase merchandise, customize your NFT or buy some sort of discord perks. It will be completely aligned with our upcoming announcement.

Also, there will be two benefits that ADA Ninjaz holders will receive:

Free airdrop followed by a claim mechanism –

All Ninjaz holders will receive a one time airdrop of $NINJAZ,

Following this, you will be able to claim the token every few months based on how many Ninjaz you hold, until the allocation is exhausted.

The reasoning behind this is to make sure that the token does not end up in dead wallets, and via claiming the token, those who are active and able to claim will receive the most token.

Stake your NFTs to earn more $NINJAZ – You will be able to lock away your Ninjaz over a vesting period to earn token. The more you lock away, and the longer you lock it away, the more you earn.

While all three seasons will allow you earn, claim and receive $NINJAZ via the above mechanisms, the amount you receive will vary depending on the clan.

Ie. If you hold S1, the Aramar clan (who of course are the bourgeoisie of our story), you will receive X token, for simplicities sake lets say 10 token. Whereas, for S2, you will receive 5 token and for Daisuke, S3, you will receive 2.5 token in the airdrop.

Similarly, if you hold Daisuke NFTs, who are a nomadic, collectivist clan that work together to run, rule and manage things, you will receive the most token for locking away your NFTs.

The key utility for Atsuko will be announced on the 16th as well.

Stay tuned for all the details around the token. Coming, very very soon!

Thank you for reading and thanks to Zushan from ADA Ninjaz for updating us on the project. If you’d like to stay up to date with the project check out their website or follow them on Twitter.

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