A film revolution? Meet Reva’s World

Film and NFT’s are an intriguing combination.

Could you be part of funding a film by buying an NFT? If you could, what benefits could you see from owning and holding the NFT?

Reva’s World is an ambitious project on the Cardano blockchain that aims to raise funds through NFT drops to enable them to create an indie film. NFT’s that not only contribute toward getting the film made but also hold utility.

Read our interview below to see how the team behind Reva’s World aim to combine the world of NFT’s with the world of film.

Tell us a little about the project, what type of artwork is it, what size drop?

The project is called “Reva’s World”. It’s a collection of 2100 unique 1/1 NFT’s.

We have four categories in the collection, that are all different styles, this was done in an effort to make sure that there is something in there for everyone and also to not make the collection monotonous and boring.

The collection will have 1200  graphic Close-Ups of Reva, who is the protagonist of our film.

These are more or less PFP’s but we’ve made sure that, every trait  and attribute used in these are of relevance in the film and have been drawn keeping the screenplay in mind.

We will also have 800 graphic full-length Long Shots, which are a rendition of our character look book that we created for the film.

We spent a lot of time figuring out the colour palette of the collection as we wanted it to be as close as possible to the one that will be used in the film.

Also included in the drop will be 50 Storyboard panels from the film and 50 polaroid style pictures, that Reva takes on her journey. These pictures are from places where we will be filming. We have tried to incorporate as much of the story and character in the collection as we can.

What makes this project unique?

Making a film from an NFT collection has never been done on any blockchain.

We wanted to add value to the NFT’s by providing a unique experience and not just offering cool-looking jpegs. So we added a reward system that can be integrated into the filming process.

The people who hold our Storyboard Panels will be awarded an NFT of the same exact video shot from the film, It’s almost like your NFT is coming to life.

We have a bunch of cool rewards like these for our holders, we will also have something special for the collectors, who hold one of each category. They will be given opening credits in the film, frames of which will be minted on the blockchain and sent to them!

Some NFT’s from the collection will also act as access keys to view a special trailer which will never be released to the public.

The people who hold our Storyboard Panels will be awarded an NFT of the same exact video shot from the film, it’s almost like your NFT is coming to life.

We don’t want to just keep dropping multiple series with no end in sight, so once the film is ready the policy will lock and the project will be completed. We believe this will make this collection even more special than it already is!

Tell us about the film project, is it an animated film using the art from the NFT’s?

The film is a project that we have been working on for two years now. It’s a live-action film about Reva who is afflicted with a disease called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and believes her only hope of ever being happy is finding a mystical village called “Saral”.

The only problem is that no one has ever heard of this place and it doesn’t exist on any map, all she has to go on are old notes and letters that belonged to her grandfather, who had first told her about Saral. The film deals with how mental health and anxiety issues get overlooked while also making a subtle comment on today’s social media culture.

Storyboard from the upcoming film

What about the team behind the project? Tell us a bit about the team and what has lead you to this project.

I’ve been fascinated and obsessed with films as far back as I can remember. After finishing up with school I decided to take this seriously and got into a film school called “Whistling Woods International”, ended up specializing in Film editing and got to learn from some of the most accomplished names in the business at that time.

I then moved on to assisting directors on various films but found that to be soul-crushing work, I needed to work on my own projects.

So I started directing Ad films and developing my own screenplays. My Co-Director who is also my fiancé and the artist of the collection is a design student from Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore.

Both of us have been writing and developing this project together, she’s a stickler for detail and wants a logical explanation for every plot point, while I love taking some “cinematic liberties”, this makes for some hilarious arguments but always improves our draft.

We were actually scheduled to go on floor with our film when Covid hit and halted everything dead in its tracks. After a week or two of sulking, I happened to stumble onto NFT’s as one does, by going down the YouTube rabbit hole. I ended up buying my first NFT and haven’t stopped since. The communities around NFT collections are some of the most supportive ones we’ve ever come across.

The idea of incorporating NFT’s and building an indie film around it just seemed obvious to us.

Is the NFT project a way to fund the film? If so, can you see more small filmmakers taking this route to effectively “crowdsource” a film whilst also building a community around the project?

Definitely, making films is expensive. The barrier to entry is extremely high and majorly controlled by the big studios who are not keen on letting new talent take over.

We believe NFT’s can be the driver to create a whole new category of filmmakers who don’t need to water down their projects and cast certain names just to appease the studios.

The exploitation of creative people has become a common practice that isn’t talked about too much. We strongly believe NFT’s could completely flip this on its head and give control back to the people who actually put in years into their craft.

Plus it’s a win-win, for the NFT creator and the holder as the value of the NFT, increases as the project progresses and the implementation of royalties incentivizes the rare holders to not sell and in turn increase the price. We are also exploring the idea of building a launchpad that could help indie film projects get acquainted with the space.

We believe NFT’s can be the driver to create a whole new category of filmmakers who don’t need to water down their projects and cast certain names just to appease the studios.

Randhir Virdi – Reva’s World

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far with this project?

The biggest challenge so far has definitely been the tech. Since it’s so new, there’s not a lot of literature out there for guidance.

But the community has been extremely supportive and has helped us out every step of the way.

Of all the platforms you could have chosen to launch on, why Cardano?

Cardano was the first project I ever invested in and had the time and opportunity to see it grow.

The vision and philosophy of the Cardano Foundation also aligns with our world view and Cardano’s tech speaks for itself.

What project would you ideally love to do a collaboration with?

We would love to collaborate with Beyond Rockets City and build our first virtual film set!

Do you guys collect NFT’s too? What’s your favorite?

Yes, we do! The first one we ever got was a politikoz, so that has to be the most precious one!

That one we will never sell!

Meet the Team

Randhir Virdi
email: randhir.virdi26@gmail.com
Instagram: randhir26
IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4531050/

Shubhangana Joshi
email: shubhanganajoshi@gmail.com
Instagram: shubhangana_8
Behance: https://www.behance.net/shubhanganajoshi

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2 thoughts on “A film revolution? Meet Reva’s World”

  1. This is very interesting and opens up a lot of possibilities for the entertainment world, not just film. It would take crowdfunding to new level as people paying in to help fund a film would own something deeply connected to that film. As smart contracts develop on Cardano this could really lead to boom in independent film.

  2. I love the idea of minting a storyboard from the film and getting airdropped the same scene from the film. What a great way of giving life to the original NFT.

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