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Art Dawg
Art Dawg

Art Dawg is a collection of 6000 arty PFPs created by 25 artists from 6 different blockchains with 150 super rares within the greater collection.


Adaki is a gamified web3 brand and story-driven anime NFT collection coming to the Cardano blockchain! Our main focus is on entertainment with storytelling and special events. We are also planning a gamified ecosystem surrounding the Adaki brand which will be accessible to both web3 and web2 users!


New To NFTs? Check these projects out

If you’re new to Cardano NFTs and would like to see some established projects that are still building then check out our top 5.

These 5, at time of writing (May 2022), have affordable floor prices for people wanting to dip their toe into the Cardano NFT market.

As with anything in NFTs please do your own research after reading our article and shout up if you have any questions.

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Ernst Blaad – Meet The Artist

Read our interview with NFT artist Ernst Blaad.

Earth Natives
Earth Natives – Revisited

We caught back up with the guys from Earth Natives now that they have completed their drops and delivered the eco-house.

Bored Claude Oh Meed
Bigger, Better, Still Claude.

Check out our follow up interview with Bored Claude.