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Gentlemans Club
The Gentleman’s Club

TGC is a collection of 7777 unique Gentleman NFTs living on the Cardano blockchain.

The Gentlemen’s Club is the first CNFT project that innovates by collecting yields across different chains and chooses to channel realized profits back towards its holders in the form of Airdrops – Giveaways – Contests and games.


A friendly collection of 3,500 PotHeads chillin’ on the Cardano Blockchain.

We are so excited to share this project with you guys. We’ve dedicated an ENORMOUS amount of our love, crafting a collection that perfectly represents our passion for art and counterculture.

PotHeads are uniquely HAND DRAWN…and you can tell. Each detail was meticulously handcrafted on paper first, then scanned into the computer to be colorized.

Note: The Featured Drops above are paid for ads. Please Do Your Own Research prior to buying any NFT.

ADA Gators

New To NFTs? Check these projects out

If you’re new to Cardano NFTs and would like to see some established projects that are still building then check out our top 5.

These 5, at time of writing (May 2022), have affordable floor prices for people wanting to dip their toe into the Cardano NFT market.

As with anything in NFTs please do your own research after reading our article and shout up if you have any questions.

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Currently Minting

The projects below have already had their initial drop but are still minting NFTs. Check them out and grab one before minting closes.

The CatKinsons $PURR

The CatKinsons $PURR is the CNFT Collection of the MeMe Token $PURR Season 1 Mrs CatKinson Season 2 Mr CatKinson Ultimate Goal Breeding & Battle P2E Game

Sinder Skullz

Sinder Skull

Sinder Skullz is a badass PFP collection consisting of 6666 unique 3D rendered skeleton portraits. Each one is randomly generated from various clothing, accessories and paraphernalia

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Mount Krios
Goat Farming with Mount Krios

Read about how Mount Krios are aiming to start a real life goat farm using NFTs.

ADA Ninjaz – Revisited

We caught up with Zushan from ADA Ninjaz to find out what has been happening since we last spoke and what is on the horizon for the project.

Is Mars Flat? These guys certainly think so.

Flat Mars are coming and they are bringing the memes. Read our interview with the team here.